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Tattoo pain
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Lesley loves the process of getting a tattoo. “The pain can put you in a meditative process. I found myself humming to the sound of the drill.” She says she had a panic attack straight afterwards, and then went through a deepening of acceptance of her own body. “I was beaming when I left” Her tattoo translates as ‘Spirit...

Becoming a turtle
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Amanda, goes to the beach every Friday and sits on her favourite rock to visit her local neighbourhood turtle. In her mind she dives into the water to swim alongside him and become a turtle for a few...

Watching my dog track pigeons
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Tonia loves nothing more than heading to the park with Bruce – her Rhodesian Ridge-back dogĀ  – and encouraging him to track pigeons. He fixates on the birds and will run circuits of the park much to the amusement of Tonia. He also loves to track kite-boarders at the beach.  ...

Tobogganing Aussie style
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Wendy is orignally from Scotland and tobogganing is her thing that instantly makes her happy. She now lives in Coughs Harbour where the nearest snow is 500km away, so she improvises with Mud...

Jumping and spinning around
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11 year old April gets happy from jumping and spinning around at the same time. “You never know what you’re going to run into accidently and break and fall...

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