Pure fun and smiles. Loved the music choices and exploring parts of the city I might usually miss.

– Paula De Francesca


I found it to be the ultimate uplifting, liberating, out-of-body Fringe experience that everybody should try- and it keeps you fit too!  It is also hilarious to watch even when you aren’t doing it.  It was great to have you at Brighton Fringe; what you do really adds to the festival vibe.

Julian Caddy – Brighton Fringe Festival Director



Being ignorant of your incredible talents, I had no idea you would make it so inclusive, and engaging, with everyone feeling deeply connected. How deeply grateful and satisfied I am, as you allowed a truly spectacular and unexpected celebration for me and my family and friends. You are very talented, intuitive and skilled in engaging and reading people, in such generous way, so that people did not feel inhibited, or obliged, from the beginning to the end. They did it for themselves, with your amazing guidance and facilitation.

– Nerida





One of the things about the Guru Dudu silent disco the other night in Brisbane, was there was this young Muslim family in the main mall in Brisbane CBD, and one of the boys (about 6 years old) just started dancing when he saw us dancing, he could not even hear the music, so we put headphones on him and his brother, and he just danced so joyfully and naturally. We followed/copied his moves. So good. Dance is so universal and such a human expression, everyone should be doing it!!

– Elizabeth Fletcher


“The whole tour was full of special moments of a smile , glance , dance with people, bringing joy and light to them and the city. A truly uplifting and enlightening experience.”



Amazing it’s the best thing I have ever done. We had so much fun and it just makes you feel so happy. The music was great and you actually felt like part of an act in the fringe when giving performances in certain areas. It is the perfect way if your feeling down give it a go because you are happy for the rest of the day.

– Donna Blaikie McDonald


We went on a disco tour with one of Dudu’s Disco Diva guides last night in Melbourne!

It was an hour of laughter, amazing music and delightful people! I loved watching people on the streets reaction to our joy and antics. The world absolutely needs more of this!

I was impressed that everyone who came along really got into it, whether they seemed like they were confident dancers/people at the beginning of the night or not!

Can’t recommend this experience enough! Find a tour happening near you in a city soon and GO!!!

Also…wear comfortable shoes!

– Nicole Stewart


Had a brilliant night tonight! Such a fun, uplifting hour that is the best cure for the Sunday fear. Can’t wait to do it again

– Laura Morton


Wow! What an amazing experience! In this world we are conditioned to speak and move in a contained way. Keep your body small, don’t bump into people, duck and weave through large crowds, don’t draw too much attention, don’t speak or dress in a way that may make you seem crazy. Conform, conform, conform.

The freedom of movement was so liberating for me. I felt safe to dance and move in any way I saw fit, without any fear of judgement. I’ve never felt that before in the middle of the packed CBD on a Sunday afternoon! The sense of unbridled joy and fun was amazing. It was also beautiful to see how our group energetically affected the crowds. You could almost see the waves of excitement, wonderment and bewilderment! 

–  Sarah


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