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Welcome into a magical world of play, love and laughter. It’s a private audioscape that we all share – except for those watching on. We all wear headphones (supplied) and are listening to the same playlist of uplifting dance music from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, plus the fun commentary from the tour guide. It’s all about:

    • spontaneous ‘flash-mob’ dancing
    • interpretative dancing and singing around local landmarks
    • fun commentary and interventions to get you laughing
    • keeping fit
    • community connection
    • re-imagining our well known streets

The tours cater to all ages and demographics. The magic of our team is we create a conducive atmosphere for people to feel free to let down their inhibitions and move freely. We never force anyone to act the fool, however plenty of invitations are offered, and we find people naturally find a level of expression that suits where they are at on the day.

Silent Disco Walking Tours were originated in 2013 by Guru Dudu as an adaptation from the stationary Silent Disco format – and we are now taking the world by storm!

Public events

Private bookings

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 


2015 – Silent Disco Compilation


Northcote Tour – Place activation, May 2013


“Honestly one of the most liberating things I have ever done. I will definitely be back”

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“The whole tour was full of special moments of a smile , glance , dance with people, bringing joy and light to them and the city. A truly uplifting and enlightening experience.”



“I’ve seem more smiles here in the last 3 days than I have in the whole 3 years I’ve been here”

– CEO of Adelaide Central Market



Upcoming public tours – Australia & UK

Private bookings – hen’s, private parties, corporate, festivals

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