Reviews and Articles

All over Adelaide Mar 2019 – a review by Thomas Day

Fourth Wall (Perth) Feb 2019 – a review by Kieran Eaton

Brighton & Hove News May 2018 – a review by Kate Darach

GScene (Brighton) May 2018 – a review by Eric Page

Giberish (Edinburgh) August 2017 – a review by Mark Gorman

Kidzabuzz (Perth)October 2015 – a review by Lisa Shearon

Broadway Baby (Edinbrugh) August 2015 – a review by Tuesday McPhail

Healthy Edinburgh (Edinbrugh) August 2015 – a review by Suzy B

In Daily (Adelaide) March 2014 – a review by Ali Moylan

Weekend Notes (Adelaide)March 2014– a review by Eleanora Newbery

Weekend Notes (Melbourne) January 2014 – a review by Fiona Anderson.

Laugh three times a day (Melbourne) March 2013– an article by Tina Jensen, coach and facilitator, who writes about Silent Disco Tours from a Wellness perspective.


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