Happy Yoga Retreat

A weekend of Play, Love and Laughter

David Naylor and Guru Dudu invite you on a unique journey of:

The 8 Limbs of Happy Yoga

1. Grooveyama – connecting with your natural flow and the groove of life

2. Dodo-Dumi – accessing creativity through our animal instincts

3. Fashananda – fashioning the world we really want from our passions

4. Pyjamahara – the art of Play in our everyday lives

5. Assananda – getting real and have fun letting go of stuff that is not serving us

6. Coochi-coochi – connecting deeper with ourselves and others

7. Dali-mo – celebrating our inner eccentricity

8. Yummi – saying ‘Yes’ to all of life

Your DNA will never be the same again!

For each limb we offer fun and engaging activities that invite you to experience your world from a new perspective. There will be group and paired exercies, Happy Yoga interludes, Creative Art play, a Silent Disco by the sea plus time for solo reflection, hanging out and relaxing by the sea.

The weekend will draw on a range of influences including:

    • Groupwork dialogue
    • Theatre Impro
    • Buddhism
    • Deep Ecology
    • Creative Arts
    • Somatic movement & Dance
    • Yoga

The reteat is a warm and friendly atmosphere peppered with deeper moments of “dropping-in” to what is really important. Plus lots of hearty laughter guaranteed! Please come along if you would like to:

    • learn to switch off the mind and relax into your playful self
    • reconnect with your Joy and Inspiration!
    • meet an awesome bunch of people



About David

David is an experienced groupwork facilitator and improvisation performer. He has worked in corporate and community sectors in stakeholder engagement, team-building, placemaking and communications. He is known for his inclusive style, clever wit and unique way of seeing the world that draws divergent threads together with both lightness and depth. David is passionate about groups and the magic that can happen when people play together.


About Guru Dudu

Guru Dudu loves any form of unconventional group happiness including his very own Happy Yoga which blends the best of ‘Yoga’ from the East with ‘Disco’ from the West. In 2013 he created Silent Disco Walking Tours to get people dancing in the street while celebrating stories of place. He also facilitates Cosmic Speed Dating adventures that take on a whirlwind journey from the Big Bang to the birds and the bees.


The Venue

Airies 8 Coastal Retreat is a luxury contemporary beach house in a spacious setting, in a quiet location just 5 minutes walk from the beach and cliffs. Aireys Inlet is a 1hr 50 min drive from central Melbourne, and also very accessible via public transport. More info at www.aireys8.com.au


Massage available

Our host, Susan is available for 1-1 massage and healings throughout the weekend if you would like some extra pampering or TLC. (Additional cost)


Upcoming dates

Future Retreats will be held in the second half of the year when Guru Dudu returns from Europe.



If you would like to express interest in coming, please send an email here.



Check out some pics from previous retreats here

Thank you

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