Now Hiring

We are expanding the Guru Dudu Family of Silent Disco Tour Guides in cities across the world, and looking for people who share the values of Play, Love and Laughter and deep care for People, Place and Planet.


Heart-centred entrepreneurs – UK/Europe focus

We are seeking entrepreneurs in different cities who align with our values and mission and who have demonstrated marketing/business savvy, good networks plus a deep passion for creating positive transformation from a heart-centred perspective. If you fit the bill and are a great networker, promoter and community builder then please get in touch.


Tour Guides

We are also seeking talented tour guides who have:

    • experience in some form of facilitating groups
    • a special “x-factor” of comedy/theatre improvisation
    • natural musical/dance rhythm and love of disco
    • technology and safety smarts to be responsible for people’s safety
    • a good heart and the ability to access joyful states without alcohol

If interested please email for a Position Description..

The aim is to set up on-the-ground teams who can run public and private gigs throughout the year within their cities on a casual basis.

Please share the link to this page to anyone you think who may be interested.





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