Jojo Boogie

Jojo Boogie on the go go googie! Yes, cracking the egg on conformity and heating up the yolk folk in a saucy pan of dance, expression and fun. A teenager in the 80’s, JoJo Boogie knows how to lead you through 80’s angst, 70’s flare and current day beats. A lover of comedy, silliness and deep grooves, JoJo Boogie guides her crew to tap into their hearts and express their whimsy, fantasy and funkin good feels.

JoJo Boogie is performed by Jo Zealand. With her specialties in physical comedy, character and clown, Jo knows the value of creative expression and playfulness. For 25 years, Jo has been guiding people from all backgrounds and abilities to express themselves. A lover of singing and dance, Jo connects deeply to music. She’s a songwriter, comic performer and facilitator who utilises her skills of improvisation and play to share joy and laughter and what it means to be human. (desperately needs an update)



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