We bring play, love and laughter to events with our fun ways to engage people by meeting them where they are at, and then inviting them to have a transforming experience. We can tailor any of these offerings to suit the needs of your next festival:


Silent Disco Walking Tours

These uplifting tours are a great way to engage people at festivals and make linking connections between different precincts and other happenings at the festival. The background experience of the Silent Disco Tour traveling around is a sight of happy people enjoying themselves, bringing colour and movement to the overall atmosphere of the festival.

Some festivals position us as a ticketed show and include us as part of the program of shows on offer – offering tours of 30-60mins. Other festivals will hire us as a “free” roving show – offering tours of 15-30mins.



Happy Yoga Workshops

Happy Yoga works well at festivals in a stand-alone venue or tent for anywhere between 20 and 150 people. The workshops are a lot of interactive fun as Guru Dudu parodies a Yoga class that combines Yoga and Disco! The workshops can run from 20-60 mins and are accessible for all ages and abilities.


Happy Yoga moments on stage

Guru Dudu can also perform shorter sections of Happy Yoga on stage for a larger audience. This works well as a warm-up act or for something inbetween acts. Guru Dudu can also choreograph crowd participation in disco moves. This is a lot of fun as the moves are simple and very contagious.


Cosmic Speed Dating

This is a unique workshop where Guru Dudu narrates the story of life from the Big Bang to the current day. Along the way, the audience are invited to interact in pairs and small groups and share little moments of their lives. It’s hilarious and heart-warming, and a great way to meet a whole lot of new people in a short time-span – whether or not you are looking for a date. The workshop can be tailored to run for 60-90mins.


Comedy Cabaret

This is a comedy/variety night where most of the material is cleverly sourced from the audience. Guru Dudu acts as MC and warms up the crowd with some of his Happy Yoga magic. The night then follows a comedic talk-show format where audience members are invited up on stage to share a story, a joke or to participate in various theatre improv games and trivia quiz segments that Guru Dudu facilitates. It’s a night of hearty laughs and crowd engagement.



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