Madame Cha Cha

Madame Cha Cha is bursting with energy and infectious enthusiasm! Playful and theatrical, her tours take you on a feel-good journey of laughter, singing, dancing and connecting all with a musical theatre flair.  It’s all about unleashing your inner child, having fun and becoming your most fabulous self ! Her moto is “Dance yourself Happy”.

Madame Cha Cha is the creation of Charlotte Chazel, an international dance & fitness presenter and choreographer.  She has lived in France for many years creating musicals and uplifting events and mixes her « French touch » with her quirky Birtish personality!  She is now living in Brighton and fell in love with this crazy and vibrant seaside town. Teaching and creating is her passion and she helps you express your inner dancer, find your confidence, celebrate life and feel free to be yourself !


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