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Mucho Micho

Mucho Micho comes from the Latino land of the Tropicana rhythms where the passion for dance, music and celebration is a basic necessity from birth. He brings the healing rhythms of Chi-Cha-Cha, funk mixed with the evergreen disco. He will keep a big FIESTA always drumming in your heart! Salud y amor!

Mucho Micho is played by Mihajlo Elakovic who moved from Venezuala to Australia in 2013. He has studied Architecture with a specialty in heritage, and creates sustainable design pieces from recycled timber. More info here.  





We would be delighted for more people to sample the delights of Mucho Micho. It’s been a great success. Both the schools and GP are loving it and I’m going to get our whole team to do a session tomorrow. He’s unique and hilarious and quirky and groovy and lovely and weird and a great dancer … we love Mucho Micho! 
– Susannah Sweeney, Creative Producer, DreamBIG Children’s Festival, Adelaide


Just wanted to say a big thank you to Mucho Micho for an amazing Hens party Silent Disco on Saturday for Alice. He was entertaining, funny and a great motivator to experience and accept the CHI! A wonderful and positive way to start the day! 
– Jess


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