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Edinburgh Fringe

UPDATE: May 2018

Hi guys,

Guru Dudu here. . . and yes I’m coming back to Fringe again this year! Due to popular demand I will be bringing a couple of my new Guru “Village People” to help run the tours. The new Guru’s are personally trained by me and offer a similar uplifting and inclusive experience – with their own unique flavour. A couple are Aussie and a couple are local.

More details to follow soon.

If you particularly want to be on my tours, then I will definitely be doing at least the following dates during the four weeks of Fringe (Aug 3-27):

Thursdays: 3.15pm, 6pm, 7.15pm

Fridays: 3.15pm, 6pm, 7.15pm

Saturdays: 3.15pm, 6pm, 7.15pm

Sundays: 3.15pm, 6pm, 7.15pm

The Village People team will be running the other tours which include other time-slots and Mon-Wed tours – see Fringe website from May 17. All bookings through the Fringe website.

I’m looking forward to spreading the magic again – with a few new surprises this year. More details to follow later.



Guru Dudu