Disco Diddi

Disco Diddi  is the big sister you always wanted, a cross-cultural/inter-generational ambassador, world-wise yet wacky, able to guide you to your inner diva while respecting the boogie footsteps that have gone before us, tuning in to place and the stories written there, using the power of dance to summon up the super freak spirits.  

Disco Diddi is the creation of Dianne Reid – an Adelaide based dance and video artist who has been getting physical and making people move for over thirty years! The overriding theme of her work has always been about the play between audience and performer—finding ways to encourage people to let down their guard, open their imagination, get back in touch with their physicalities, with sensation, breath, humour, joy, and abandon—preaching the poetics of the interpersonal!  
More info at www.hipsync.com.au 


Meet the team

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